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polyhydric alcohol phosphate ester (pape)

structural formula:

properties :

pape is a new kind of water treatment chemicals. it has good scale and corrosion inhibition ability. because more than one ployethylene glycol group is introduced into the molecular, the scale and corrosion inhibition for calcium scale is improved. it has good inhibition effect for barium and strontium scales. pape has good scale inhibition effect for calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate, it can mix well with polycarboxylic acid, organophoronic acid, phosphate and zinc salt.

pape can be used as scale inhibitor for oilfield (recommended as alternatives of nalco visco 953) and industrial cool water system.





colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

solid content %

50.0 min

total phosphoric acid (po43-)%

30.0 min

organophosphonic acid (po43-) %

15 min

ph (1% solution)


usage & dosage:

when used as scale inhibitor, dosage of less than 15mg/l is preferred. when used in closed circulating system, dosage of 150mg/l can be expected.

package and storage:

normally 250kg net in drum, ibc, or as per required. storage for ten months in shady room and dry places.

safety protection:

acidity, avoid contact with eye and skin, once contacted, flush with water.


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