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drilling fluids corrosion inhibitor


with the deepening of the oil and gas exploration, more and more high temperature well appeared.for example, there are a lot of 5000 meters  and downhole temperature up to 150 ��deep wells. at the same time, with the construction of offshore oil field, also appeared a lot of high temperature well. according to the high temperature well acidizing corrosion problem, we develop the xt - 105 high temperature acidizing corrosion inhibitor. the main ingredients of xt-105 is organic amine, this product  compounds with aldehyde amine ketone condensation as main ingredients and combined other many kinds of surface active agent . this product has good acid soluble,low permeability damage to drill core and low viscosity , without excitant odor, field use convenience etc. it can be used for high temperature and concentrated hydrochloric acid and soil acid acidizing treatment. this product is mainly used in oil field and gas well acidizing fracturing process of oil well casing corrosion and other acid problem. suitable for 15% ~ 28% of hydrochloric acid or soil acid, using temperature is not higher than 180��.





deep red liquid

density (20��) g/cm3


effective content


solidifying point ��


ph (1%)



 easily dissolved in hydrochloric acid, and  form a clear solution under normal temperature

corrosion inhibition

according to the ministerial standard,st/t5405-1996, it is the first class


put this product soluble in acid, stir well, then operate according to acidification process requirements.

recommended dosage for acid content of 0.5% - 1% (90 ��), 1% - 3% (180 ��)

packaging and storage��

200 kg plastic drum packaging. it is inflammable, store in a cool,ventilated place for 12 month.during the loading, unloading, transport, it prohibited  inversion to avoid leakage.

safety and protection��

xt-105 has little irritation to skin. when contact with skin, please wash with alcohol.

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