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efficient cod reducer xt-12

efficient cod remover xt-12 is a new developed water purification agent. the products is adaptable to the raw water temperature, turbidity, alkalinity, and organic content,and has a good removal efficiency of cod in the water. according to experiments and case statistics, it can remove more than 60% cod in water.
performance indicators:




white or pale yellow crystal powder

ph value (1% solution)



soluble in water

effective concentration %


applications: (1) the purification of urban sewage treatment.    (2) applies to all types of industrial wastewater, including ink, packaging and printing, auto parts, machinery, paint, surface treatment, coatings, paints, plating, papermaking, food, printing and dyeing, bleaching, dyeing, tanning wastewater treatment process.  (3) a variety of deep sludge dewatering and drying.
product advantages:
(1) low cost ,processing cost of sewage is 0.6-0.8 yuan(about 0.095-0.13 usd) per mt;
(2) easy convenient operation. it can be centrally added, or be added at the outlet drop by drop;
(3) no hardware investment for sewage treatment system;
(4) no secondary pollution, because microorganisms decompose it;
(5) it can overcome problems which cannot be solved by general chemicals.
(1) before using, dilute the product concentration to be 10%,pump cast to the reaction cell, callback pool or discharge port;
(2) dilute with ordinary tap water and no need to be heated.
(3) the product is suitable for a wide range of ph values ​​(3 to 11), sewage treatment dosage is generally 0.2-1 kg / ton wastewater. for the best results and economic benefits, we suggest making the best solution by wastewater dosage tests (take some waster water,such as callback water, drainage water), adding the certain amount of cod removal agent, stirring for 15 seconds, then measure cod value to determine the dosage.
(4) can be used alone or with a variety of flocculants, coagulants, may have the best effect under weakly acidic conditions
storage and packing:
(1) this product is slightly corrosive, operator should wear protective equipment to ensure feeding safety. prevent from wet, hot, sun, rain;
(2) the goods is general dangerous goods. cannot be used with toxic substances, strong acids, strong alkalis and various dangerous goods;
(3) this product is suitable for long-time storage, should be handled with care. it can be ;if catch fire, put out with water or with the fire extinguisher.
(4) packed with 25 kg kraft bag. or packed as per client's requirement.

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