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high performance sludge stripper  xt-409


xt-409 is composed of cationic surfactant, penetrating agent and dispersant. xt-409 has the advantages of high efficiency, wide range, sterilization, fungicidal, sludge stripping and cleaning. xt-409 has good disperse and penetration properties, low toxicity, fast effective, it has good sludge stripping effect for sludge, plastocene, bacteria secretion, and fungus. xt-409 can soften and clean the scale on metal surface. xt-409 is not corrosive to metal, rubble and plastics, soluble in water, not affected by water hardness. xt-409 is used as sludge stripper in circulating water system, it can also used as algae disinfector, cleaning agent and papemaking anticorrosive.





colorless, light muddy liquid

active content����

30.0 min




the dosage of 100-200ppm is preferred according to water content. enlarge dosage if wish to quickly remove multitude algae. clean out the removed sludge and floatage to prevent their deposit. when used as fungicidal, 50-100ppm is preferred. no blend with anion surfactant and no blend with chlorophenol agents. 

package and storage:

25kg or 200kg in plastic barrel, or confirmed by clients. storage for one year in room shady and dry place.

safety protection:

no visible stimulation to skin. when contacted, flush with water.

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